At NōaGE we are dedicated to providing a sustainable, eco-friendly and ethical approach in all areas of our brand. Below you can find out about the different areas that we are currently focused on:



All our fabrics have been carefully researched before we start to build a relationship with our manufacturers as to ensure that you the customer will receive the best quality fabric that is eco-friendly. We work with ECONYL® a GRS (Global Recycled Standard) yarn manufacturer from Italy that transforms waste like ghost fishing nets and post-consumer nylon into new virgin nylon that’s gone through a regeneration process. All the fabrics are durable and offer UPF50+ sun protection. For more info about the ECONYL® process check out “The Process” page HERE. For our tote bags we use 100% cotton that’s OEKO-TEX® standard 100 certified, meaning that it is free from toxic levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health. As well as being REACH certified that addresses the production and use of chemical substances, and their potential impacts on both human health and the environment.



Each of our designs have been created with love and sustainability in mind. We pride ourselves in being a slow fashion brand, this means that we produce a limited run collection with controlled quantities throughout the year. Fast fashion has received negative light in recent years, and for good reason. Ethics and quality should not suffer just for quick “on-trend” items. Our collections are made to last and to be enjoyed for seasons to come. Our skilled workers are treated ethically and the fabrics we use are of eco-friendly and premium standards, therefore our price point has been created to reflect this. We don’t believe in seasonal flash sales; however, all of our members will receive specific promotional offers throughout the year. If you’re not already a member you can sign up HERE it’s FREE! 



Our manufacturers are split between Italy and Indonesia. Each and every worker receives the best possible working conditions and above average pay. We carry out periodic checks to ensure optimum standards are sustained. To showcase our workers and all of their hard work we have collaborated with Fashion Revolution on the “who made my clothes” annual transparency campaign. To find out more about our workers you can check out our “Meet the makers” page HERE.



From start to finish we think about what we can do to minimise and stop the use of single use plastic. That’s why we have come up with a start to finish program. 


Once our swimwear has finished production and is ready to be shipped to us, every item is packaged in a 100% biodegradable and compostable polybag made from cassava starch and renewable resources that contain zero petrochemicals. This eliminates the use of harmful single use plastics that go to landfill or are improperly disposed of.

The final product

Your swimwear will arrive to you stored in a OEKO-TEX® certified 100% cotton drawstring bag printed with our REACH certified NōaGE logo. This ensures that the swimwear is either stored correctly to minimise damage or can be reused again to store other products. We love to keep our small travel essentials inside ours.


To help grow a Circular Economy all of our swimwear will be shipped to you in a AS 5810-2010 certified, 100% biodegradable and compostable shipping bag made out of corn starch, PLA (synthesised from corn) and PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate). PLA (Polylactide) is a bio-based, biodegradable material made from renewable plant material (starches such as corn husks, rice straw and wheat straw). Gone are the days of single use plastic bags! These beauties will protect your swimwear whilst it is in transit and once you receive your product you can shred the bag up, pop it in your composter and within 180 days it will decompose - Amazing!  


Giving back

We are continuously looking for ways to give back to the people and our planet, below are the non-profits we support. 

One tree planted

For ever swimsuit sold a tree is planted.

Healthy seas

The purpose of the indicative is to clean the oceans and seas of marine litter responsible for the needless death of marine animals.

Fashion Revolution

This social enterprise runs political campaigns to ensure global supply chain transparency as well as the annual #whomademyclothes campaign.